A Typical Day

The day begins at around 8 am (not too early for our four-legged friends, they are on holiday too!)
Every dog ​​is let out individually or in their family group to do a little exercise and get some fresh air around the kennel. The boxes are cleaned and disinfected. The bowls are emptied and filled with fresh water. This is followed by breakfast, if necessary. Short break time to digest or relax, about 1 hour.
Then the dogs came out several times a day to play with us, run or just take the air all under our supervision.
Our goal is that dogs are as relaxed as possible and that they enjoy their stay.
We play with the dogs to give them an appetite (when the dog likes to play)
Meals are given based on each dogs home routine (as per the contract)
After each meal the dogs rest for at least 1 hour in their box before exiting to avoid stomach problems.