A Typical Day At Beausejour des 4 Pattes


The day begins at about 8 am (not too early for our four-legged friends, they are on holiday too!)

Each dog is taken out individually or in their family group to walk or run around and get some fresh air. The kennels are cleaned and disinfected. The bowls are emptied and filled with fresh water. This is followed by breakfast, if necessary. They then have an hour or so for their feed to go down or to relax.

Then the dogs came out several times to play with us, run or just take the air. Walks on the lead are taken in good weather.

Some dogs that are sociable can be taken out together for more fun (always under our supervision to be sure that everything goes well and safely.)

The dogs are put back in their runs around noon and, they can now rest again.


Around 15/16 hours, after their nap, all the dogs come out again either individually or in groups for a few play, fresh air and sun. Walks on the lead are taken in good weather.

We play to help their appetites before their evening meal. The pens are cleaned again and the water bowls changed if necessary. Our goal is to spend as much time with our residents during the day, helping them to relax and make them enjoy their stay with us.

Between 18/19 hours after the afternoon fun, we feed the dogs and leave them alone for digestion and a moment of calm.


Around 21/22, the dogs are let out one last time for a run/walk in the field before going to sleep until the next morning …