1/ Are category 1 and 2 dogs accepted?
Yes we can accept them, provided they are aggressive or dangerous. We will have to keep the following during their stays:

  • The valid certificate of insurance in the name of the owner of the animal,
  • Pet Owner’s License
  • Certificate of Fitness on behalf of the pet owner

Our liability insurance includes category 1 and 2 dogs but without these documents above, our insurance will not be valid if there is a problem during the pet’s stay.

2/ Should we bring our dog’s food?
Yes bringing your pet’s food is mandatory so as not to alter his usual diet, the kennel does not provide food

3/ Do you accept large dogs?
Yes, if the dog is not aggressive or dangerous

4/ Is it possible to book during the Christmas holidays?
Yes, we are open all year round, and in the winter, each enclosure has infra-red heating with timer.

5/ Will dogs under medical treatment be admitted?
Yes, please inform us at the time of booking or when requesting information.

6/ Is it necessary to bring my dog’s vaccination record?
Yes, for each stay, we keep his vaccination book until departure, it must be up-to-date

7/ Is it compulsory to vaccinate my dog against kennel cough?
No this is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended! If the dog is not vaccinated against the kennel cough and catches him during his stay, we can not be held responsible!